Thursday, February 22, 2007
Thursday Free For All
Ok, here's what goin on people:


So there.


Was juuusst gettin ready to run out the door to work this morning. brrrinng. brrrinng.

Me: Look at caller Id (big son) "Hello" (breathlessly waiting)? Uh Oh.
Him: "Mommy" (when this word is used= something not good), using little kid voice. Lots of noise in background.
Me: OMFreakingGod - he got in an accident. Ahhhhhhh! Heart beating a million miles an hour.
Him: "I was getting gas and I just threw up"
Me: "In your car?"
Him: "No, by the pump"
Me: "Just come home honey" The only time I can use the endearment without getting yelled at.


Just FYI, he's 15
Littleson: knock, knock (on bedroom door in morning after shower)
Me: Oh God, he's sick again. Can't stay home AGAIN. Must do schoolwork.
Him: Walks in. Points to nose.
Me: Looks at nose. See redness. Brings littleson into bathroom.
Me: Looks at nose (bottom of left nostral). BIG UGLY RED UGLY SORE BLISTERY UGLY
Him: Looks at me
Me: Looks at him (wait for it)
Me: Gets cortisone. Hands to littleson
Him: Goes downstairs, puts cream on
Me: Hear him say "People are gonna make fun of me" Gawwdd.
Me: "Stay home" He's sick anyway.

You know what I'm gonna hear when I walk in the door tonight don't cha? Come on, you remember. "What's for dinner?"

Bye, bye now.

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Wow, just Wow!
Well we've managed to dig out from the bijillion inches of snow. I am at work today. The kids are at school, which, to be perfectly honest, they should NOT be. But registration is tonight, so the school wants to collect the MONEY! Sometimes the private school system just rips my undies or whatever the saying is.

We had to have the tow company that is ON our street come and tow my son's and D's car out of the driveway and then plow. $120 bucks later, we can finally get out of the driveway. Thank GOD for my 4 wheel drive or it would've been three tows and a plow.

Wanna hear the latest teenager drama? My younger son and his girlfriend had to quit seeing each other. She's been forbidden to see him at all. Wanna know why? They took her phone away for something else she did and found some PICTURES of him. Now when he told me this, I was like, ok, too much in.for.mat.ion. Lets just say they weren't happy smiley pictures of them at the zoo or anything. Yeah, porn-O-graphic would be more like it I guess you could say. I said, dude, what were you thinkin? If you're gonna take nakey pics, ya DONT save um on a phone. Gawwwd. How dumb is that? Anyway, I don't want to see them. It would freak me out if I found some nakey pics of him or his girlfriend. Just NO. So ya live and ya learn.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Hate Hate Hate Winter
Ever hear those people who say "I miss snow, I miss the seasons changing". I just wanna mother fuckin smack um upside their stupid stupid heads.

Ya know, I just don't get the facination or joy from some cold ass, freezing, white stuff. I just can't see myself outside on two skinny sticks in freezing cold temps going down a hard ass hill, saying wheeee, this is soooo FUN. The part I DO get. Sitting around the fireplace drinking hot toddies. Yes, that's for me. Fuck the hot chocolate, make it liquor. Here, right here, me, that's me.

And coats, have I told YOU how much I hate stinkin coats. And boots, and gloves, and scarves? No? Well, I'm a no coat kinda gal. I' m known for it around these parts. (eyeroll) But now that it's so damn cold, it could freeze Santa AND the elves, I've had to wear all of the above. Gawwwd, it takes FOREVER to put all that stuff on. Then I have to carry my work shoes and my lunch and my purse. Then when I get in the car, my coats all jacked up and I have to adjust it and shit. Gawwddd, I just can't stand it. I took the trash out last night. I had to bundle up, head to toe. Load the trash, take it down to the end of the driveway. This was fine, really. But, it took me longer to get dressed and undressed than it did to actually take the trash down.

I'm done dude, seriously. AS SOON AS the boys graduate, I'm freakin movin. It's over, not an issue, done deal. If I NEVER see another snow flake (there's a reason it's called flake) again, it will be too soon. At least that stupid ground hog didn't see his stupid shadow this year. You know, cuz I believe that shit an all.

In other news:

Day four smoke free. No, I'm NOT irritable. What makes you think that? Huh? Wanna fuckin fight about it? Do ya? Cuz I'm ready, coat an all!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Day Three Smoke Free
So far so good. No cigarette since noon Saturday. It really hasn't been that bad or not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean you can go 24hrs without doing something right? It's after that although I have to admit, I was pretty cranky last night. I wasn't mad because I couldn't smoke, just really really irritable for no good reason.

The boyways have been off school for two days now due to the low temps. But are they home? No. It's like a freaking holiday. In my opinion, they should not be calling off high school unless there are kids that walk. But in this case, at St. V, most of the kids are dropped off or drive.

In honor of Laurie at B&B, I would like to shank our stinkin neighbors that leave their poor doggies out in this weather. If I had my way, I would chain you to a fence naked and see how you like it. The poor things were barking and barking. We do not have an SPCA here, just the humane society and the pound. The humane society is over loaded with 200 more dogs than their capacity and the pound is being run by some politicians neice, who by the way, has NO experience or degree in caring for animals. So shank you, you stinkin no good dog leavin freaks and shank the neice at the pound too. Karma will get you.

If you can't bring your animals in the house or provide ADEQUATE protection, DON'T get any. Gawwwddd. What is wrong with people?

That is all...

Friday, February 02, 2007
Monthly Update
Ya know, stuff happens and I think to myself "I'm gonna blog about this crap". Or "that would be good to blog about." Then I just don't do it. I'm better at reading blogs. In fact, I would say I excel at reading blogs.

What's been happening? Hmmmm.... now that I'm sitting here writing, I can't remember diddley squat. Can't think of anything interesting AT ALL.

I'll try:
  • My oldest son has lost 35 lbs and he looks amazing. frickin proud of him. And no, he's not on speed. He's been meal replacing with smoothies or protein drinks if you will. He'll eat here and there, but nothing fattening MOM. There went the fried chicken wings I was planning. Damn! He turned 17 on the 14th.
  • Younger son is attending Drivers Ed on the weekends. We are still alive, obviously.
  • I changed my hair color from blonde to brown and you should just SEE how much grey hair I have. OMFG. It blended in with the blonde, but not the brown, oh no.
  • I've started taking Chantix, the new stop smoking pill. Yesterday, I only had three cigarettes. Yeah for me!
  • I'll be 43 on the 10th. Alls I can think about is grey...old, grey...old, grey...old
  • Smoke....don't smoke.....Need to smoke....don't smoke.....on and on and on
That's all I can think of right now. Want a real laugh? Go visit Laurie at Beauty and the Beer, she cracks a girl up, seriously!