Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Hate Hate Hate Winter
Ever hear those people who say "I miss snow, I miss the seasons changing". I just wanna mother fuckin smack um upside their stupid stupid heads.

Ya know, I just don't get the facination or joy from some cold ass, freezing, white stuff. I just can't see myself outside on two skinny sticks in freezing cold temps going down a hard ass hill, saying wheeee, this is soooo FUN. The part I DO get. Sitting around the fireplace drinking hot toddies. Yes, that's for me. Fuck the hot chocolate, make it liquor. Here, right here, me, that's me.

And coats, have I told YOU how much I hate stinkin coats. And boots, and gloves, and scarves? No? Well, I'm a no coat kinda gal. I' m known for it around these parts. (eyeroll) But now that it's so damn cold, it could freeze Santa AND the elves, I've had to wear all of the above. Gawwwd, it takes FOREVER to put all that stuff on. Then I have to carry my work shoes and my lunch and my purse. Then when I get in the car, my coats all jacked up and I have to adjust it and shit. Gawwddd, I just can't stand it. I took the trash out last night. I had to bundle up, head to toe. Load the trash, take it down to the end of the driveway. This was fine, really. But, it took me longer to get dressed and undressed than it did to actually take the trash down.

I'm done dude, seriously. AS SOON AS the boys graduate, I'm freakin movin. It's over, not an issue, done deal. If I NEVER see another snow flake (there's a reason it's called flake) again, it will be too soon. At least that stupid ground hog didn't see his stupid shadow this year. You know, cuz I believe that shit an all.

In other news:

Day four smoke free. No, I'm NOT irritable. What makes you think that? Huh? Wanna fuckin fight about it? Do ya? Cuz I'm ready, coat an all!


Blogger Cat said...

I am a Coat hater as well, and I am with you, I am moving to the south again SOMEDAY!!

congrats on the 4 smoke free days!

Keep it up girl!

Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

I hate snow as well, but the forecast says we are in for a bad fall tomorrow.

Blogger trusty getto said...

Well, it was like, minus a gazillion last night (again), so a little snow isn't really all that big of a deal from my perspective.

Good luck on the smoking thing. Hang in there -- you can do it!

Blogger mg said...

You can always come down to Albuquerque and visit - it is only mildly miserable here these days.

Good luck with the non-smoking!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Blogger Carmi said...

Congrats on quitting smoking. I wouldn't have the guts to do it, which largely explains why I never started. I guess I'm weak that way :)

I'm going to assume it's snowing as hard where you are as it is in my neck of the woods (SW Ontario). If I see a freakin' groundhog anytime soon, I'm barbecuing the little sucker.

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