Friday, February 02, 2007
Monthly Update
Ya know, stuff happens and I think to myself "I'm gonna blog about this crap". Or "that would be good to blog about." Then I just don't do it. I'm better at reading blogs. In fact, I would say I excel at reading blogs.

What's been happening? Hmmmm.... now that I'm sitting here writing, I can't remember diddley squat. Can't think of anything interesting AT ALL.

I'll try:
  • My oldest son has lost 35 lbs and he looks amazing. frickin proud of him. And no, he's not on speed. He's been meal replacing with smoothies or protein drinks if you will. He'll eat here and there, but nothing fattening MOM. There went the fried chicken wings I was planning. Damn! He turned 17 on the 14th.
  • Younger son is attending Drivers Ed on the weekends. We are still alive, obviously.
  • I changed my hair color from blonde to brown and you should just SEE how much grey hair I have. OMFG. It blended in with the blonde, but not the brown, oh no.
  • I've started taking Chantix, the new stop smoking pill. Yesterday, I only had three cigarettes. Yeah for me!
  • I'll be 43 on the 10th. Alls I can think about is grey...old, grey...old, grey...old
  • Smoke....don't smoke.....Need to smoke....don't smoke.....on and on and on
That's all I can think of right now. Want a real laugh? Go visit Laurie at Beauty and the Beer, she cracks a girl up, seriously!


Blogger Cat said...

Good to hear from you girl!

We have so much in common!!! lol
Both our Birthdays are in Feb.

My son will be 17 on the 10th! I have to put Blonde Highlights in my darker hair to help blend the grey in. LOL

Good for you in not smoking, you can do it!!!

Take care girl!

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