Thursday, October 19, 2006
Premature E......Ending
The Michelin Man has been returned to his owner. I guess he just didn't like a girl getting one over on him. It didn't help that his co-worker told the story to some people from Michelin and they rode him pretty bad. I still had many ideas for future ransome notes, but alas, he was being a baby. So, I returned him.

In other news:

The weather is so crappy. I love Fall, but this rainy yucky weather makes me want to sleep 24 hrs a day. A little sun would be nice, please God, Amen.

The kids won't even wake up. What would they do if I wasn't there to prod them 15 billion times to get in the damn shower? And then I get lip for it. "Gawd, leave me alone" "Shut-up". I just roll my eyes and think "teenagers". Part of me knows that time will fly and they'll be bringing home laundry from college. It's amazing how time flys from the time their born to now. Little children that wrap their arms around your neck and say "I love you"; all the way to "don't touch me". That cracks me up and I grab them and hug them and touch their hair. God how they hate it. It's so funny. Ok, so I'm about to cry. Just stop it!

Check you cats lata!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

A bucket of cold water might wake them up.

Blogger Cat said...

LOL I so know how you feel! I love treating my older ones like they are still little. They just LOVE IT!!

Oh how we love our children!
Take care

Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

I don't know why but I had two early risers (blonds) and two who could sleep until 3 p.m.(brunettes) Strange. And no, it's not a blond joke or anything, just pondering away and wondering why.

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