Friday, June 30, 2006
Take a Hike!

The weekly Sunday ride took us to Hinkely where we thought we would take a nice walk out in the beautiful countryside trails.

What we didn't expect was an expert climber trail. Uh ok, yeah I'm completely out of shape. But, I wasn't going to let a few rocks intimidate me, no siree. Until that is, I started climbing down what seemed like a 3000 foot wall. My legs started shaking and I thought, oh yeah! dumbass, you're afraid of heights. Not heights really, afraid of falling from said heights. I swallowed the feeling and climbed down. No one told me climbing down is the equivalent of riding a escalator when compared to the climbing up. I thought I was gonna pass straight out from lack of oxygen when I reached the top, but I didn't.

For your viewing pleasure, here's where we went. I know it doesn't look that steep, but I'm telling you, it was steep. Kinda like the side mirrors on the car that say "objects closer than they seem". This is "cliff steeper and more dangerous than they seem". Enjoy.


No... it look steep but it also looks completly beautiful. It looks like one of those hikes where the sun is nice. Not too hot but not too cold. I love your photos.

Blogger David said...

congrats on getting out into the wild, its a good thing to do

Anonymous rampant bicycle said...

Ooh. I want to go hiking now. :)

Hello from Michele's!

Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Hiking is so much fun. Great pictures.

Blogger Cindy said...

That looks like such a beautiful place to take a hike!

Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Those pics really emphasise the steepness.

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