Tuesday, June 06, 2006
I'm so Gay
Two bloggers on my blogroll are talking same-sex marriage today. I think I've almost given up to tell you the truth. I'm so sick and tired of the damn politics surrounding it. If the Republicans want their numbers up, they talk about gay marriage and let's ban it already, it'll be the miracle of the century. Everything will turn around for this country. Those damn gays, pushing their agenda down our throats.

Last election, it seemed most people were against gay marriage as some type of legislation was passed or would be passed banning it. The blogs I read seem to show the opposite. How can this be? I think it's apathy. While people may not be against it, they aren't going to go to polls if they normally don't anyway. Face it, the majority of Americans do not vote. People who feel strongly about something will go though. For instance, school levies, many many people showed up to vote that normally would not, either for or against.

In this case, people are apathetic to our cause. They can take it or leave it. It's like fighting a losing battle. I'm sick of it damn it. For the first time in my life, I'm being discriminated against. It's a weird feeling.


Blogger mg said...

The social stigma that we face simply sucks.

I've been here at my new job for a month and a half, and I didn't remember how frikking miserable it made me to be private about my inclinations. I miss my old job, where I was out and happy... regardless of who I was seeing at the time, I never worried about backlash.

The gay marriage issue is just a political platform for Bush - he's using all the wide-spread homophobia to win alliances for the GOP.

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