Friday, March 24, 2006
Set them Free
My oldest (16) is off to Columbus to watch his school in the high school basketball state finals. As much as it scares the hell out of me to let him drive 2 hrs away, I have to set him free. Where I came from, a little podunk town in Indiana, there was never a chance that we'd win the regionals, let alone the state championship. So, this being a very exciting time in his high school life, I just have to let go and hope/pray for the best.

So here's to letting go and growing up.

In other news:

Xanax is truely a wonderful drug!


Blogger Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my cite -- we used to use the Kmart comment too -- forgot about that -- hilarious :)

Anonymous Sarangeti said...

Give yourself a hug for being a great mommy because that was a hard decision to make.

Michele sent me.

Blogger trusty getto said...

I'm sure it will be fine, Free. He's gotta get some practice at being responsible, so this sounds like a great opportunity, eh?

Enjoy the Xanax. Though I've never taken it, I hear it is a very effective drug :)

Blogger Valerie said...

Visitng from Michele's. I just started Zoloft a week ago and I am starting to slowly see a difference. I hope you get to see the difference soon too. I hope your son has fun at the basketball finals. I am sure he will be fine, what a great adventures for him!

Blogger Carmi said...

Our eldest is 11, so we've got a ways to go. But your entry underscores the bittersweetness of letting go of our kids and letting them find their way in the world.

You've got such courage for letting him go, and for sharing the experience with us.

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