Monday, October 31, 2005
Teenager's are Scary Part 3
I'm just hoping I make it through these next four years sane. I'd say right now, I'm on the fence tettering between the two, probably leaning toward insane.

My 15 yr old decided to take a toy gun to the football game on Friday night. Yeah, he did.

I'm grabbing my chest saying "It's the big one Elizabeth, I'm coming".

He went to a party before the game and made it there while it was half-time. The field is down this big hill just out of downtown Akron. They parked behind the stadium which is not well lit at all. I would never park there after dark. It's a rough part of town. Well his friends jumped the fence and he kept walking to go to the ticket office. They ususally don't have to pay after half-time. As he was walking by the fence, a cop saw he had the "gun" in his back pocket. The cop then proceeded to pull his gun, point it at my son, and told him to turn around with his hands up. The cop was BEHIND my son. That not being the point, but it still pisses me off, my son tells him it's a toy. Cop takes gun, calls me and is very nasty. Tells me to be there in 20 min and hangs up. I call his dad and tell him to go get him because I had a couple of Bud Lights and didn't want to drive. Make a bad situation even worse if ya know whatta I mean. So white trash, I felt.

Anyway, STUPID STUPID STUPID. Let's say it together shall we, S.T.U.P.I.D.

What's the typical answer when you ask a teenager a question - "I don't know". Yeah, he said it.

OMG OMG OMG, he could dead right now. Unbelieveable. Unbelieveable. Unbelieveable.

Yeah, he's grounded. F'in teenager.


Blogger trusty getto said...

Holy crapola!

Sittin' on the BOE, I have to EXPEL kids for doin' that!

I'm glad he dodged the bullet, so to speak!!

Blogger Free to Be said...

Yeah trusty that was my biggest fear after the incident. But luckily, the dean talked to him about it on Monday and the school apparently is taking no action. The game he went to was the other two catholic schools in our area, not his own or I bet there would've been a different outcome. He was pretty upset when I told him not to be surprised if he got expelled. He loves his school. I told him that's why you THINK before you do.

Blogger LadyBug said...

That's crazy! I hope he learned his lesson, even if it was the hard way.

Blogger momsgoneloony said... after they get through playing with poop...I have this to look forward to? Thanks a bunch for the am going to have a super size Bloody Mary...:-)

Blogger Lucky328 said...

Someone explain to me why a cop is at a high school football game with a real gun? That so doesnt happen in ny. I have an ex NYPD guy living 2 houses down from me and hid kid does all the stupid shit and then police are always there. This past yr the kid has climbed out his window and fallen off the roof, drank underage in the front yard with his buddies, and set off fireworks about 200 feet from our house. Say it with me now STUPID!

Blogger Mike said...

Whoa...he got lucky with no disciplinary action taken. Enjoyed the reading.

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