Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The Big Thing
When I was a child I experienced "The Big Thing" many times.

Have you ever had such a high fever that things seem really really big and then it scares you?

My son has a sinus infection and bronchitis. Yesterday his fever was 102.1 F. This morning he wakes me up at 4:22 am and tells me he has "The Big Thing" and he's scared. When you have this feeling, any movement around you makes you very afraid.

The poor guy. I gave him his medicine last evening around 6:00 pm and he didn't wake up until he woke me up, so the medicine had worn off. So I redrugged him, gave him some water and he's back in bed. And I'm at work. No matter how old your kids get, you want to be there with them when they are sick, especially if "The Big Thing" is lurking.

Oh no, no, that's not all the bad news. We have more, oh yes.

My former husband borrowed my Jeep this weekend because his was in the shop. Saturday night he called about 7:30 and said the car won't start. So we went up there and jumped it. So it's either the altenator, battery or some other shit. D jumped me so I could get to work yesterday and I had two of the guys I work with take a look and low and behold, thank god, it was just the battery. Cheapest thing on a car next to the little tree deodorizer, is the battery! But since I only have $15 freakin dollars to my name, one of the guys let me borrow a battery.

Just imagine, go next door, knock knock, neighbor opens door, you say, can I borrow a cup of sugar and a car battery?


Blogger trusty getto said...

Few things in life are quite as troublesome as car problems. I hate them!!!! What can you do? :)

Here via Michele today.

Blogger mg said...

Well, you point out the neighbor that could resist helping a doll such as yourself!!!

I miss fixing my Camaro~ but I don't miss paying for the parts to do so...

Hope your kiddo feels better soon.


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