Tuesday, January 03, 2006
11 Days and Counting - Yikes!
That's the number of days until my son can officially get his DRIVERS LICENSE!

I look like a deer caught in the headlights right now. The first day he drives off by himself, I'm gonna be a wreck (no pun intended). Oh woe is me. Can we all just say a silent prayer right now. Thank you.

Onto other things - I'll try to block out the fact above.

This is the year of:

1. Going back to school for a degree in Marketing and Web Design.
2. Taking control of the damn finances I keep screwing up. I've decided to close my checking account and deal only in cash until I can act like a grown-up who knows what the hell they're doing.
3. Try to keep up with the laundry.

Pretty simple goals, not overly unachieveable. Wish me luck.

Hope all of you have a happy and healthy new year.


Blogger trusty getto said...

Hey, I'm doing a countdown, too.

# of days until my divorce is final = 7.

How's that for freakish misery?

Blogger Scotgirl said...

My little sister has started driving now - I took her out for a spin and was truly the most terrifying 20 minutes of my life. No wonder driving instructors charge so much - it's danger money!
Best of luck with that one!

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