Monday, March 27, 2006
This is going to sound bad...very bad.
I'm hooked on the news. I watch a lot of news shows. They've all been talking about the US Immigration policy. People are protesting everywhere. Here's the bad part, sorry if I offend anyone, but I bet they could wrangle up quite a few illegal aliens in those protests, huh?

One protesters sign said "Due process to all". Hell, the immigrants have more rights than I and my partner have. One guy said he came to the US for a better life and we should let him since his Country couldn't provide it. Well, why the hell don't they go and protest there then? huh?

Bottom line for me is I don't like illegal immigration. You wanna come over here, then do it legally. Don't like your country, do something about it. We did.


Blogger trusty getto said...

I see your point, but we simply don't let people seek their dream here like we used to. For many, there is no way to legally do it.

I think it's hard, given that my family on both sides immigrated here in the early 1900s, to deny the same benefits and opportunities to others given that my current state of prosperity resulted from much more open and easy immigration.

And let us not forget that this country was built on the backs of immigrants. The vast majority of Americans came from families that originated on other continents.

Blogger Free to Be said...

I understand the point you make here trusty. America was built by immigrants. Almost all of our ancestors are from different countries.

I also think that this is a much deeper issue than just letting people over the border. Everything from cheap labor to Americans buying/wanting cheap products to National Security.

I'm just spouting off because their status is really above mine. Juno?

Blogger mg said...

It is frustrating when a whole group of people that don't even reside in our country have more rights than our citizens. I understand your POV, Free. Totally.

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