Monday, March 27, 2006
And the Winner is........
Dunbar beat us (St.V) in the semi-finals on Friday.

My son made it to Columbus with no difficulties. Everyone still decided to stay overnight in the hotel. So who knows what went on. I don't want to know. I called him about 10 pm and told him not to be driving that car all over Columbus. He said people were drinking at the hotel, but he was not. Yeah right! I really don't know, but he wasn't slurring his words at that point. I was a teenager once too ya know.

He made it back to Akron ok too. So worries are over. Phewwww! I'm pretty proud of him.

In other news:

The Lexapro seems to be kicking in. I have a lot less anxiety and I don't feel like I'm gonna flip out at any moment. I take my other son to the psychiatrist tomorrow for further evaluation.


Blogger srp said...

Here from Michele.
Glad to hear the son did the trip ok.
I remember the first car trip I let Nyssa drive herself... uncomfortable mom to say the least.
Where in Indiana? I was born in Bedford, a very long time ago.

Blogger panthergirl said...

Ah, I did Lexapro but gained 20 lbs. on it, which sort of cancels out the "anti-depressant" part. Now I'm on Wellbutrin and doing ok. I still carry Xanax for "emergencies".

Here via michele!

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