Friday, June 02, 2006
Let's change...and change again
First off, let me just say that just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to drive like there's a damn blizzard with zero visibility, k. thanx.

K, second. I want to write a funny bunny blog, not some stupid ass whiney blog, but, there's always a but, isn't there?, I'm just not feelin it today, it's raining. Hee heee.

A month ago, my second son, decided he was just going to quit doing his homework. Yeah, just overnight, like, hey, I'm not gonna do this anymore. This from a straight A student that I never had to bug about doing his homework. So, we thought, hey, lets send him over to his Dad's for the weekend. That'll get him in line, yeah, that's what we should do. Well he hasn't come back. Oh yeah, that really worked out. What a good idea you idiot. I miss him with all my damn heart. Shit dog, if this is what he really needs, I'm all for it. They're teenagers now, maybe they need the dad thing, fine then. But I wasn't prepared, I cried and cried. I'm fine, I'm fine I keep saying.

Then, yeah then, my first son who was doing so well. Got a job, making good grades, really maturing in these past 6 months, yeah, caught him smoking pot in the living room last weekend. I came downstairs at about 12:30 a.m. to get something to drink and went into the living room, just to chat. I saw a plastic Pepsi bottle under the pillow, pulled it out to throw it away, but it wasn't just a bottle, oh no, it was a homemade water bong. I thought, damn, why didn't I think of this. No just kidding. Well we took his car away and he's grounded and his dad is going to take him to some "meetings" as in AA with other adolescents.

How do you keep these damn kids on the right track, that's what I'm talking about. I want them to have a better life than me, have a good job, with no criminal record for God's sake. I hope I make it through the rain. (That's a song). (Also, I don't have a criminal record, just for the record, just that drugs are illegal, right?)

In other great news:

Steak is good.


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