Monday, June 12, 2006
Weekend Round-up
We are having wonderful Spring weather. Some people would like it to be warmer, but me personally, I like a good transition from Spring to Summer. Crisp cool air in the mornings, cool evening breezes. LOVE IT!

Saturday, I picked up my son and his friend at his friends house. They wanted to go work out at the JCC. It didn't open until 1:00, so they rode with me to pay the rent and then we all went to eat at CiCi's. $4.49/buffet, it's a great value and also where my oldest works. He's the son that is staying with his dad for now and it was great to catch up with him. He's sooo cool and sweet. He has been friends with M since 4th grade. M's parents both passed away and he transferred to our school and they've been great friends since.

Sunday, read the paper in the morning while having coffee. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend. My girl and I went to the movies and saw "Break-up". It was pretty funny. I was surprised. We went to Sally's and picked up some pedicure stuff and then rented movies. We went tanning and when we got home, I gave myself a pedicure while drinking some Bud Ice and watched another movie with Jennifer Aniston. The one about "The Graduate". Can't remember the name. It was too late to polish my nails, so I drank another Bud Ice and watched "When a Stranger Calls". It was stupid. Don't waste your money.

So, we kept the promise to ourselves and actually DID something this weekend. I like being a homebody, but it was getting ridiculous, let me tell ya.


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