Thursday, June 29, 2006
Yeah, so, my 15 yr old got kicked outta the movie the other day for lewdness, with his girlfriend. Hmmmm, what to do? Slap him on the back and say "way to go, SCORE" or "get a room" or "what the hell" or "that's what the backseat of the car is for". But I couldn't say that, he's not driving yet. Any other suggestions?


Blogger Cat said...

LOL OH Lord, thanks for the scare now!

Good to see you again!

Take care


Blogger David said...

I would be really angry, and yet want to impart some sense of decency to the child. They are children, they need strong parenting. would you react differently if the genders were reversed? I do.
here from michele's

What about telling him it's not appropiate behaviour? I would ground him from going out with friends/girlfriend for 2 weeks.

Blogger Free to Be said...

Just FYI, I did have a serious discussion with him about honor. Honoring himself and his girlfriend. This post was pretty much a joke incase it didn't come across that way. Hello, I'm not a complete idiot! Well maybe.

Blogger trusty getto said...

Oh, I'd probably do the "way to go, SCORE" way, but I'd hasten to add that you can use the backseat of a car without actually driving it. ;)

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