Thursday, September 28, 2006
A Sign of the Times

So after the financial debacle we got ourselves into, we've gotten a second job so we could climb out of the deep dark hole of debt and despair.

It was so funny, I was in line at the bank on Friday to cash my check and there were, no kidding, 50 billion people in line as well. Naturally, I'm a person who'll talk to anybody and I was standing next to this guy and we started talking about second jobs and he said "the economy is SO good, I have TWO jobs". That just cracked me up!

Ok, so ANYWAY, we are putting out signs for model homes on the weekend. Friday night, we put out 2 routes, Sat morning 2 routes, and then on Sunday afternoon, we go pick them all up. We're making about $600 bucks a month. This is the best 2nd job. We get to be together, there's no supervisor breathing down your neck, and it's on the weekend, so no working late and then getting up for my regular job the next day. It's awesome, well maybe not awesome, but you get my meaning.

In other news:

My other son gets his driving permit in less than two weeks. With winter just around the corner. Yikes!!


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