Friday, September 29, 2006
Once....Twice....Three Times a Parent
Let me just hand out a little advice here people:

When your child starts driving, yeah, invest in a good pair of jumper cables. There you have it, all the advice you ever need to know about teenage boys.

We bought our son a car in February, a nice 95 Buick Century, perfect car for a teenage boy right? Well I've had to jump that thing probably six - eight times because he's left something on, or the seat belt gets caught in the door and the light stays on, or the amp he hooked up drained the battery, or he tried jumping someone else and it sucked the juice out of his battery (or so he says). Ever heard of that? No? Me either.

I had to go out and pick him up at 10:30 P.M. because of the seat belt thing. I was in a dead sleep people, DEAD sleep. If anyone knows me, they know, DO NOT DISTURB THE SLEEPING FTB!

How can ya be mad at the boy, he's standing in the middle of a dark street waiting for me, and all's I can see is my toe-headed sweet (pfff) three-year old. Gotta love um. Course, don't make any overt affectionate moves, cuz, jeez mom, I'm so over that! A pat on the back is as close as I can get these days unless I do the ninja sneek up behind and give um a hug move. I did get a thank you, which is GOOD, considering.

In other news:

Next weekend is Homecoming.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Another part of life there, Free; your son's car!

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