Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Bullet Point Brigade
The saga continues for the poor poor Michelin Man. You see, Kenny took him off to some where unknown and then he practically tried to like saw him in half. He (the Michelin Man's "owner") could put an end to all of this by following the few demands asked of him. But has he, does he? No! So poor poor Michelin Man is still captive as witnessed in these photos.

I have tried three, NO four times to download the damn pictures. Arrrggg.
Why does it seem that every single time I have to pee at work that someone is in there takin a crap. I don't know if I've told you before, but poop really really grosses me out. Especially co-worker poop, not my kid's poop, or my girl's poop. Well, theirs too, but not as bad. On top of that shit, I'm the designated toilet unstopper in the house. How fair is that? huh?

I know there's some other stupid shit I witnessed today, but I forgot what it was. FYI, I have a bad short term memory.

Oh, and another thing, I can check my kids grades online, but do I wanna see them everyday? They may have had a bad day or something. The end result is what I care about. But what if a bad grade is a trend and I need to do a smack down? See my dilema?

There were bullet points here, believe me, but blogger was screwing it all up. So let's just pretend.


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You have such a delightful and entertaining way of describing real life! It's one of the best blogs around of this type! Stay free!

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