Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Day Three Smoke Free
So far so good. No cigarette since noon Saturday. It really hasn't been that bad or not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean you can go 24hrs without doing something right? It's after that although I have to admit, I was pretty cranky last night. I wasn't mad because I couldn't smoke, just really really irritable for no good reason.

The boyways have been off school for two days now due to the low temps. But are they home? No. It's like a freaking holiday. In my opinion, they should not be calling off high school unless there are kids that walk. But in this case, at St. V, most of the kids are dropped off or drive.

In honor of Laurie at B&B, I would like to shank our stinkin neighbors that leave their poor doggies out in this weather. If I had my way, I would chain you to a fence naked and see how you like it. The poor things were barking and barking. We do not have an SPCA here, just the humane society and the pound. The humane society is over loaded with 200 more dogs than their capacity and the pound is being run by some politicians neice, who by the way, has NO experience or degree in caring for animals. So shank you, you stinkin no good dog leavin freaks and shank the neice at the pound too. Karma will get you.

If you can't bring your animals in the house or provide ADEQUATE protection, DON'T get any. Gawwwddd. What is wrong with people?

That is all...


Blogger Cat said...

Oh that is just wrong!!!! I would be going and taking the dogs myself.

what does Shank mean? LOL

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