Thursday, March 22, 2007
Rollie Bugs and Baby Daddy
I so totally forgot to tell you guys about the rollie bugs. You know the little bugs that roll in a ball? We used to call them doodle bugs. Anyway, we've have a four room apartment (glad storage thingys) filled with doodle bugs for my little son's science project. Yeah, they've been eating a three course meal for the past month. Lettuce, carrots, leaves, and dirt. He's apparently doing some project where he adds protein to the water he feeds them, plus a control group. Now, TELL ME, people, are we gonna wake up with some radioactive doodle bugs rolling through the house. "Watch out, here they come." Squash....ewwwwww.

Thank you little baby Jesus that he took them all to school today! Anddddd, they had babies, cuz there were little teeny tiny doodle bugs in there too! Creeps me out I tell ya. That's a major phobia of mine. Swarms of bugs, harmless or not, creepy!

Ok, riddle me this. The power went out at work, BEFORE, 8:00 am mind you. Do we go home? No, lets sit here until 1 freakin 30 PM and twiddle our damn thumbs. K? Okay boss. Now, there were some things I could do w/o a computer and phone that took all of 15 minutes. Done. There was absolutely nothing I could do. It really bugs me to waste time like that. When you know, I could've been watching Judge Judy or Maury to see whether that blonde dude is really the baby daddy. I can here Maury now, " are..........................not the baby daddy. Whew, he flies outta the chair, totally upset that his pot o' gold is just not meant to be. That poor kid doesn't stand a chance. Maybe Angelina can adopt her.

In other news: Happy Birthday MG!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
I must've messed something up on my post yesterday. Comment section did not show up. You know, cuz I'm spectin a bunch of them. Heee heee.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Yesss, It's Tuesday!
Well I didn't want to sound all negative.

Okay, so here we go. We finally have a dishwasher. Thank you God in Heaven! We've been doing dishes by hand for 3 1/2 years people! I can't remember the last time I lived somewhere that didn't have a stinkin dishwasher. Gawwd. Well that's ALL over now damn it!

My second son will be getting his license soon! Whooo hooo!

My older son, well that's a WHOLE nother story. Keepin it real here y'all. I found a baggie with a little bit of pot in the bottom, so I smoked it. No, kidding! Ha, got cha. I did find the baggie though. I'm at a loss here. I've talked myself blue and now purple in the face about this with him. We took his car away, we've grounded him. The bottom line is, he does NOT think there is anything wrong with it. Plain and simple, like smoking cigarettes, or drinking. I'm at a loss here. I have told him that those things are LEGAL! Not for him, but you get my drift. I'm afraid he's going to end up a bum in the street, seriously. Not sure if I should wait it out or what. His grades are fine, good even. I took him to the doctor for a check-up, (we changed insurance companies and then doctors). He has been soooooo grouchy the last month and I told him I thought he was depressed. So he's on meds now. In case you didn't know, depression doesn't always present with sadness, or being down. It can present with extreme irritability. So if y'all have any advice or assvice for that matter, I'd be willing to listen. Maybe I should've smoked it after all! Just kidding, don't get bent outta shape.

I've posted some pictures of my second son. He got his hair cut. I love it! He's in track, so I get to go to track meets for the first time in two years. I love track! You can tell he totally loved, loved, loved me snapping these!

Edited to add: Someone found my blog by searching for:"Free teenager ass brown" and the result page showed: Page 1 of 143,477 results. WTH? I don't even wanna know and that many results? Weird?