Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Girl or Boy Toy?
I went to McDonald's for lunch today since it's right across the street from our building. I decided on the big kid's nugget meal and the guy asked me if I wanted a girl or boy toy? I automatically said boy.

I grew up with four brothers and I have two sons, not to mention, I work with mostly men. So what does this say about me?

Search words of the day = Smoking Pot Insurance

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
What Not to Watch
1. Dancing with the Stars - watching that former boy band fattie doing the hip thrust made me throw up in my mouth a little. Click, next.

2. The Bachelor - The guys mouth looks like a Muppet mouth. Yaaa think he could afford some plastic lips don't cha? Click, next.

3. My Sweet Sixteen (MTV) - Okay, I have to admit, I watch this, but the whole time I'm saying to myself, "Why am I watching a bunch of spoiled, ugly, rich teenagers getting a brand new hummer?" Even if I HAD the money, I would not buy a TEENAGE boy a brand new expensive car. It's a waste. They WILL crash it, guaranteed.

That's it for now folks. Tune in next time, same bat time, same bat channel.

I'm adding a new item for y'all to ponder. Keywords people searched for and reached my blog.

Keyword(s) of the day: Free hocker

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean, doot doot do doot do do do
Some of this may not be suitable for the easily nauseousable.

Ok, I'm not a judgemental person. That's what F2B is all about people. You live your way and I live mine. We're all straight on that, right?

BUT, can I just point OUT something here. Dude, take a friggin bath already, seriously. We hired a new dude to work in sample prep, k, and it's not a glamorous job by any means. He's got shoulder length hair, and I'm fine with dudes with long ass air, k? I think Fabio's hair was cool when he wasn't 90 years old, I liked the 80's rocker hair, k?, but this dude's friggin hair is sooooo GREASY that he's been combing it back, it's THAT greasy. And it's NOT VO5 shit either. Ewwwww, shudder shudder. Gross. And the dude won't shut up already either. He is definitely gettin on my last nerve.

THEN, we have this other guy that's relatively new and every time we're on smoke break (yeah, shut-up), he's spitting all OVER the fricken place. Not just spit spit, I'm talkin hockers here people. Gross.Gross.Gross.

Ya know, there's just some things I can't tolerate.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Here's the 311

Well I made it to the meet before SJs race. Yeee hawww. The shorts weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Take a look. Front and back. You know, I don't want to brag or anything, but isn't he a handsome young man? He's sixteen tomorrow. I just love the hell outta him.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
What is UP Dudes
Yo, whas up wit you all?

First track meet today. He's running only the 100 meters since he's been sick with some chest cold. It's a beautiful day out there but the wind is pretty strong. I had to run at lunch time to buy him some under armor. I thought the first meet was Thursday. But nooooo, it's today and his dad couldn't take him last night, and I wasn't ABOUT to take my ass out there, sooooo, I did it at lunch. That under armor shit is a monopoly people, I'm tellin ya. Dicks Sporting Goods won't take a $10 off coupon, cuz under armor won't honor it. Oh also, never type in Dicks on the internet, cuz you know what'll happen. Hee heee. The running shorts they wear, I swear are from the 70s. Won't cover his bits, I don't know for sure, but holding them up and looking at them, whoaaaa, I wore that size in 3rd grade dudes, seriously. Andddd he's wearing regular boxers today, so I can see him tryin to tuck those damn things down into his under armor tight ass spandex so called compression shorts. Unless he took them off. Hell if I know.

My ex separated from his wife. He's very sick and most likely has lung cancer, but he's runnin around like he's freakin 16, working two jobs trying to pay the bills and take care of her skanky ass and her 4 children by 4 diff dudes while also tryin to take care of our boys. He finds out she's hoarding 3 thousand, count'em, 3 thousand dollars. I wanna rip her head off, skanky ass whore. She's really pissin me off! I'm tryin to stay out of it, I really am people, but damn and shank her!

Big, big, big ass storms comin through tonight. It's 78F right now, and will be 46F tomorrow, so we'll see. Hey, y'all have a great night now y'ear!