Monday, November 20, 2006
Monday Morning Stats
  • Two near misses with the curb
  • One near collision with driver in blind spot
  • One driver cut-off

My heart is racing, I'm sweating, and may God continue to watch over us (and all the other drivers)!

In other news:

Whoooo hoooo, Ohio State rocks! (sorry Trusty).

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Teenager's are Scary Part 3 Billion
In the last week, this is what's happened at MY house:

1. Walked in the house at 7:30 pm last Friday and there's this unknown male teenager standing in the dining room lookin all guilty and shit, staring up the steps to the second floor of our house. My younger son then comes trampling down the stairs about 100 mph and into the kitchen where we are. He's lookin all guilty and shit. I'm like WTF? I said (very calmly) "what's going on". Then to my big surprise the unknown teenage boy opens the front door which is right at the bottom of said steps and (not shittin you here) SIX, count'em SIX teenagers run out the front door. I mean it would be hilarious if it wasn't happening to ME. Half of them boys and half of them girls. Then I look at my son and he looks at me. I look at him, he looks at me. Pause, pause, pause. Needless to say he did NOT go with them and he's grounded and under a slave labor contract.

2. (I know your thinking, "omg what now?") I wake up this morning, come downstairs to make coffee, and my oldest son is sleeping on the couch. The TVs blaring, I hear this " moan, ahhhh, yeah baby" I look at the TV, nothing, I turn if off, and hear "oooooo, ahhh, moan" and I look at my son, he's completely asleep. Ya know what it was? The computer was on and there was a video clip running (you know what I mean), must've been looping all night. That damn kid. No wonder he gets virus' on the damn thing. I click it off and shake my head. Is this really my little baby boy. I GUESS NOT!

You guys probably think that I'm just letting these kids run rampant. I'm not. They are both in Honors at school. They are A-B students. The oldest has a job. He's got a great work ethic. I mean shit's gonna happen, right? I was a teenager, I remember.

Thursday, November 09, 2006
I had been a Republican all my life up until the 2004 elections. I really believe in the less government, help yourself platform. I've voted in all Presidential elections and some mid-term elections since I was 18. I wouldn't always vote straight party lines, but as I said, I like the Republican platform better. The Democrats, I always believed were porkers and like to spend money.

Then along came Dubbya. I voted for his father. I even voted for him in 2000. But damn it, I had enough of his bullshit when he started this war, not to mention his extreme religious views. Everything about this damn war pissed me off, beginning to present. Our men & women, not to mention the Iraqi civilians are getting killed everyday because of him and his "followers". Is it just me, or did it seem like his party in Congress followed him BLINDLY on every issue? Less government, bah, he's fricking wire tapping for god's sake with no checks and balances to that. It's safe to say at this point that I hate that dude, seriously.

Well, I may be naive, but I voted for every frickin Democrat that was running this election and apparently so did a lot of other people. It may be naive to have some hope that shit will get turned around here since they have the majority. At the very least, some of his bullshit policies won't get passed. I'm full of hope that things will get better here in Ohio. As it stands now, I will not be able to afford to send my children to college in this state. I hope we can get some actual work done in Columbus to strengthen our schools from kindergarten through college. We have lost so so much in the last 16 yrs with the Republicans in state office.

God bless our troops. Come up with a damn withdrawl plan already. Our company does a five year plan every year. It's revised every year. We can and should have done that in this situation, but to say "stay the course" and "we can't make a plan" is complete bullshit. And if you are wondering if I have any loved ones in the military, I do not, but for the grace of God.

My message to the Dems - now DO freaking something. You've got two years to prove yourselves or we're gettin another republican president, I guarantee it.

So call me naive, but I have hope things will get better for all of us.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ya can't bitch if you don't vote!