Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean, doot doot do doot do do do
Some of this may not be suitable for the easily nauseousable.

Ok, I'm not a judgemental person. That's what F2B is all about people. You live your way and I live mine. We're all straight on that, right?

BUT, can I just point OUT something here. Dude, take a friggin bath already, seriously. We hired a new dude to work in sample prep, k, and it's not a glamorous job by any means. He's got shoulder length hair, and I'm fine with dudes with long ass air, k? I think Fabio's hair was cool when he wasn't 90 years old, I liked the 80's rocker hair, k?, but this dude's friggin hair is sooooo GREASY that he's been combing it back, it's THAT greasy. And it's NOT VO5 shit either. Ewwwww, shudder shudder. Gross. And the dude won't shut up already either. He is definitely gettin on my last nerve.

THEN, we have this other guy that's relatively new and every time we're on smoke break (yeah, shut-up), he's spitting all OVER the fricken place. Not just spit spit, I'm talkin hockers here people. Gross.Gross.Gross.

Ya know, there's just some things I can't tolerate.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

That is pretty yukky!

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