Tuesday, April 03, 2007
What is UP Dudes
Yo, whas up wit you all?

First track meet today. He's running only the 100 meters since he's been sick with some chest cold. It's a beautiful day out there but the wind is pretty strong. I had to run at lunch time to buy him some under armor. I thought the first meet was Thursday. But nooooo, it's today and his dad couldn't take him last night, and I wasn't ABOUT to take my ass out there, sooooo, I did it at lunch. That under armor shit is a monopoly people, I'm tellin ya. Dicks Sporting Goods won't take a $10 off coupon, cuz under armor won't honor it. Oh also, never type in Dicks on the internet, cuz you know what'll happen. Hee heee. The running shorts they wear, I swear are from the 70s. Won't cover his bits, I don't know for sure, but holding them up and looking at them, whoaaaa, I wore that size in 3rd grade dudes, seriously. Andddd he's wearing regular boxers today, so I can see him tryin to tuck those damn things down into his under armor tight ass spandex so called compression shorts. Unless he took them off. Hell if I know.

My ex separated from his wife. He's very sick and most likely has lung cancer, but he's runnin around like he's freakin 16, working two jobs trying to pay the bills and take care of her skanky ass and her 4 children by 4 diff dudes while also tryin to take care of our boys. He finds out she's hoarding 3 thousand, count'em, 3 thousand dollars. I wanna rip her head off, skanky ass whore. She's really pissin me off! I'm tryin to stay out of it, I really am people, but damn and shank her!

Big, big, big ass storms comin through tonight. It's 78F right now, and will be 46F tomorrow, so we'll see. Hey, y'all have a great night now y'ear!


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