Thursday, February 22, 2007
Thursday Free For All
Ok, here's what goin on people:


So there.


Was juuusst gettin ready to run out the door to work this morning. brrrinng. brrrinng.

Me: Look at caller Id (big son) "Hello" (breathlessly waiting)? Uh Oh.
Him: "Mommy" (when this word is used= something not good), using little kid voice. Lots of noise in background.
Me: OMFreakingGod - he got in an accident. Ahhhhhhh! Heart beating a million miles an hour.
Him: "I was getting gas and I just threw up"
Me: "In your car?"
Him: "No, by the pump"
Me: "Just come home honey" The only time I can use the endearment without getting yelled at.


Just FYI, he's 15
Littleson: knock, knock (on bedroom door in morning after shower)
Me: Oh God, he's sick again. Can't stay home AGAIN. Must do schoolwork.
Him: Walks in. Points to nose.
Me: Looks at nose. See redness. Brings littleson into bathroom.
Me: Looks at nose (bottom of left nostral). BIG UGLY RED UGLY SORE BLISTERY UGLY
Him: Looks at me
Me: Looks at him (wait for it)
Me: Gets cortisone. Hands to littleson
Him: Goes downstairs, puts cream on
Me: Hear him say "People are gonna make fun of me" Gawwdd.
Me: "Stay home" He's sick anyway.

You know what I'm gonna hear when I walk in the door tonight don't cha? Come on, you remember. "What's for dinner?"

Bye, bye now.


Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said...

What a good mom that you let him stay home. He may still ask you what's for dinner, but he'll be eternally grateful.

Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's motherhood!

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