Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Lost and Found
I'm a sucker for animals, any kind. If it wasn't for my partner, we'd probably have 10 dogs by now. When I was married to my former husband when the kids were little, we had two dogs, two cats, a fish tank and a hamster. I'd pick up strays along the way and find new homes for them. One time my neighbor gave us a black kitty cat and low and behold, she had six babies. It seemed like a zoo, but I loved it.

A couple of my favorite shows are Animal Precinct and Houston SPCA on Animal Planet. Sometimes the shows break your heart when you seen the inhumane treatment some animals can endure. One dog had a collar so deeply embedded that the metal chain was rubbing against raw bone. They nursed the poor thing back to health but ended up putting him to sleep because he was food aggressive and due to liability, they could not adopt him out.

I've seemed to pass this love of animals onto my boys. A stray Lab came to our house last evening. We gave him some food, water, and lovins. We would love to keep him but our dog is sooooo not good with other dogs. The last dog we brought into our house, he tried to kill the poor thing. I don't understand him.

It must've been six years ago, we decided to get the boys a dog around Thanksgiving and we took off to the humane society to check it out. They had the cutest dog, a little mutt that had one ear that stood up and the other sort of flopped over. He was gorgeous, so cute. They told us he was in quarantine until the next day, and they do not hold dogs. S had a soccer game the next day and we arrived at the shelter one half hour after they opened and they had already adopted the dog. The boys started crying, I teared up. Damn it I was pissed. There was a weight limit for dogs at the apartment we lived in and the other adoptables were too big and they won't adopt puppies to people with smaller children. (Whatever)

We went home and searched the paper for dogs and there was one ad for mixed breed puppies, so we loaded up the car and went to Barbertucky. That's what we call Barberton around here. We arrive at the house. There's a sofa on the porch along with numerous other items and in the back yard are about 10 dogs. Oh my gosh they were looking scraggly. She showed us the two she had and we picked the dog we have today. He was definitely socialized with other dogs, so I'm not sure why he's so aggressive. He's the man of the house that dog is.

Anyway, we called my ex because he has a garage (we don't) and can keep the dog safe and happy until we find the owner or can give him to someone. The dog is so great. Huge black Lab, a little older, healthly, and very friendly. He listens well and loves the car. He had no collar and there was no mark where one would've been if he slipped out of it. Ususally there's an indentation in the hair. We were driving around the neighborhood trying to find the owner, but we live sort of in the country so houses are far apart. People always drop dogs out there. It's so sad. I placed a found ad this morning, lets hope someone responds.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Free, you're a good person. Animals deserve looking after.

Blogger LadyBug said...

I hope that poor dog finds a nice home. If we were still in Ohio, I might have taken him. I want to get Pancho a friend, he's been acting very lonely lately.

Blogger Indigo said...

I found TWO lost cats in my yard, on the same day in early June. By the end of the day, both were back in their respective homes. One of them had been missing for three weeks!

I'm a drag a stray home kinda person myself.

I hope you find the dog's owners!

Blogger Random Vixen said...

my best friend has a thing for strays. there's nothing wrong with that until your buying them pet food but you cant afford groceries for yourself.

BTW check your email i responded.

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