Monday, June 20, 2005
The Joker
One of my co-workers and I have this on-again, off-again practical joke competitions going on. Last fall, I taped bubble wrap to the front tires of his car and when he took off, it sounded like gunfire. It was soooo freakin hilarious. Then I superglued his cup to his desk. He in turn put goo under the handle on my car.

Well Friday, he took the ball out of my mouse (that sounds weird), and today he unplugged my mouse from the hard drive (again weird).

Anyone have any suggestions for my revenge?


Blogger Janet said...

Hi, Michele sent me! You could try gluing his telephone so when he lifts up the received, he lifts up the whole phone...

Blogger Cat said...

Oh wow, yeah you need to think of a really good one. let me think on this for a bit. I anxious to see what other ideas you may get.

Call in a bomb threat from his phone extension!

Blogger Random Vixen said...

I remember the bubble warp story! good times. Do something to his chair.

Blogger LadyBug said...

Change his preferences in Windows to make a left handed mouse instead of a right handed one. He'll spend hours wondering why he can't get programs to open!

Blogger Paul said...

Here from Michele's (on July 1)

You can change all the icons on his desktop to look and say "Recycle Bin." Move 'em around, too.

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