Friday, June 03, 2005
Linda Blair has nothing on me
My head is spinning, spinning, spinning. 24 hrs of mind boggling, headache inducing, crap.
I started writing the story and it was just plain boring, so I deleted it. Ha Ha. Moving on:

Weird thoughts in my head today:
- I love Fireman. Not sex love, respect love. (Where'd that come from?)
- Tire construction is interesting. Really?
- I think I might need the dr's help too. (Either that or a massage.)
- Is this post really postable and is that a word? (whatever)

Think I'll have some Bud Light tonight, yeah Bud Light and chicken wings.


Blogger Cara said...

Hello Dee! I'm here via Michele meet-n-greet!
I have days like you are having today but I don't have the guts to post what's "not" going thru my mind on those days. It's very refreshing to see that somebody does! I will post the next time I'm having one of those may even happen today because my brain is not fully functional today!

Blogger Lu said...

yum chicken

good post...


Blogger Marti said...

Hi Dee - Michele sent me. Massage and a beer, ahhhhhh what a life!

Have a great weekend.


Blogger Mango said...

You should have a fireman come over with some beer and chicken wings.

Or better yet, have Michele come over with some good canadian beer.

She sent me, she can do anything.

Blogger Cat said...

I like Marcs Idea with the fireman and beer. Hey, I have days like this and I meant to comment on yesterdays post also, I like to watch others also! so either we are both weird, or just interested in what others are doing! Hmm

Blogger Karen said...

I like firemen too - in a sex way - I like a man in a uniform

Blogger Random Vixen said...

Can you send me a fireman?

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