Thursday, July 28, 2005
Well THAT didn't Happen
I'm nervous all afternoon yesterday. Why am I nervous, I don't have to take the license test, but I was gut wrenching nervous. Maybe because life as I new it was about to end? Yeah, relenting control to my son who that day would actually be getting some adult responsibility and turning into a MAN. This is scary shit folks, I tell ya.

Yeah, well THAT didn't happen.

The BMV wouldn't accept the ORIGINAL birth certificate with the embossed gold seal and original signatures and baby footprints on it as proof of his identity? So technically at this point, my son is no one from no where? Seems they need a GOVERNMENTAL agency certified birth certificate, so I have to order one for guess what.....yep, $10 dollaroonos. And since my other guy will need one next year, that's $20 bucks, plus the $21 for the actual temps when we go back. Drivers Ed will be ohhhhh $450.

So, the nightmare has not begun or not ended, it depends on the perspective.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Your son is officially a non-person.

Blogger Random Vixen said...

so if he doesnt exist is he exempt from taxes when he gets a job?

Blogger Cat said...

UGH, there is always something huh? geesh!

sometimes I wish I officially was a non person! lol

Blogger J-Roc said...

My oldest kid is seven...

I'm doing a fucking swell job of denying that my children will ever get behind the wheel.

Maybe Bush will nuke the middle east and we'll run out of oil before my kids are old enough.

Sure that would have negative consequences. But think of the upside to my children's safety.


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